Collaborative. Flexible. Incentivised.

Finance the OmniPay way

OmniPay represents more than the evolution of supply chain financing; its success requires acknowledgement that working together is better than working against each other.

Companies are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of their supply chains. The days of adversarial relationships with suppliers are slowly dying, the concept of one party “winning” on a deal and the other party “losing” has been consigned to the history books. Some of the world’s best companies are simply exercises in efficient and effective supply chain management.

All the clichés around chains only being as strong as their weakest link actually have quite a lot of truth in them. When a customer needs something urgently, when something goes wrong, when a customer forgets to order a critical component, when a customer can’t complete a job without help; what do they do? When they pick up the phone and call their supplier or subcontractor, will they take the call? Will they make an exception for the customer? Will they go out of their way to help?

It has never been more important to Love Your Supply Chain, and OmniPay is a small step in the right direction. With OmniPay, everyone wins. Suppliers have the option to be paid in 1 day and customers get a happy supply chain and up to 0.50% of anything financed.

Love your supply chain and it will love you back.

Michael Thorburn


The more your suppliers use OmniPay the more incentive you earn – and over the a 12 months period that can become a substantial contribution to your bottom line!

Our Partnerships team will contact you to discuss how we can improve your bottom line and help your suppliers at the same time!

    Supplier Assurance

    As part of the Gold Partnership program, OmniPay will provide you with continuous credit and business status information on all supplier and subcontractors who have joined OmniPay, which means you can be notified of:

             Credit defaults and insolvency          Director changes
             Court actions          Business name and address changes
             Adverse registrations          Structural changes, ASIC strike-off etc.

    OmniPay can also separately provide this service on all suppliers and subcontractors (not only those who have joined OmniPay) for a nominal fee of $165 per entity, which includes both an initial evaluation and 12 months of continual monitoring and reporting.